С 1993 ГОДА

British children`s verdict оn visitors (сентябрь 1993)

Gloucestershire Echo, Friday, September 24th, 1993

Chekulayeva, from Moscow

The swimming pool school is good. The lots of flowers garden is here. There are many cars."

Dima Babich, nine, from the Ukraine

"It is good here, especially the pizzas. I have only tried one sort and I want to taste some more. I also like the games that we play at the school."

Vladimir Chernov, seven, from Moscow

"I like the school and I hope to make a lot of friends while I am here. But I am missing my mother and father. They only went back home two days ago."

Michael Bull, 12

"They are nice, but a bit untidy sometimes in the dormitory. I suppose we will get used to them. If we went to Russia I'm sure that we would find a lot of things strange."

Tom Seward, 11

"I expected the Russian children to be different. They come from a long way away, but they are very friendly and f like them. They seem happy here. We have not had much chance to really get to know them yet. '

Naomi lves, 12,

"They started talking to us straight away. They have no difficulty in communicating with us. Sometimes they talk when they are not supposed to. They also like using the telephone to talk to their parents."