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Undergraduate training and internship

Professional undergraduate training and internship for high school and university students in the best companies and laboratories of the world – in Russia and abroad.

"Albion" students get certificates after their internship on the Supercomputer "Lomonosov" from the scientific adviser, RAS corresponding member V.Voevodin (on the right)Organization of a specialized undergraduate training/internship in serious research institutions, prominent Acknowledgement to Alexander Oganesian (Queen Mary University of London) after his internship in RosEurobank, IT Departmentcompanies or universities, particularly abroad, is a very demanding task. Time and energy inputs are the same as if you apply for a Bachelor degree at highly ranked universities or often even higher. The number of candidates is sometimes twice higher than the number of vacant positions. To become an intern in a reputed laboratory, supervised by a well-known professor, is rather hard even for promising students of the home university, not to mention external undergraduates and high school students. At the same time, the importance of a high quality vocational training, including for the job placement purposes, is well realized by the students and their parents.

Work in an outstanding scientific, engineering or economic school is a priceless privilege, pushing the student towards more deliberate study of theoretical disciplines, improving their analytical thinking, making them acquainted with work in a team of intellectuals, modeling a self-sufficient and enthusiastic person.

Together with the chance to take the first steps in their professional careers and become almost equal participants of the most current research and development, interns enrich their CVs and get a chance to participate in scientific publications. With the assistance of scientists and professionals of international level, students are much quicker to gain experience and knowledge that cannot be obtained in a standard curriculum.

New direction – new partners and new possibilities

The unique opportunity to achieve students’ dream to work with prominent scientists and professionals has now become real thanks to the initiative Worl Open Laboratories. expressed by ALBION Company which gained momentum with the assistance of partners, among which there are well-known laboratories of the Russian and overseas universities and institutes of the Russian Academy of Science, global players and big banks.

Every training/internship is an individual project, adapted to the student’s level of knowledge; conducted according to the personalized participant’s request and his curator’s requirements. The candidates are accepted for training under allocated quota and on a paid basis, according to the recipient’s conditions and provider’s charges.

The procedure for organizing and holding undergraduate training/internship:

  • Early application (mailing CV and motivation letter) to ALBION Company: within a year or earlier if you would like to compete for a place in highly ranked laboratories/companies.
  • ALBION searches for suitable variants of internship under allocated quota in accordance with the request, student’s qualification and terms of the existing contract.
  • The student is interviewed by the head of laboratory/company to preliminary confirm appointment.Academician Alexander Sigov supervises a student's work in a research laboratory of MIREA
  • The laboratory/company negotiates exact dates and costs of the training/internship as well as other essential conditions with the students.
  • The student (sponsor) pays the invoice issued in accordance with terms and conditions of the contract signed with a laboratory/company.
  • The laboratory/company provides the student with a research advisor and personal curator to prepare for training/internship, to be educated and supported during training/internship, to keep track of the student’s educational development before and after training/internship.
  • The student performs the agreed task, discusses the work results with the research advisor/personal curator and receives a detailed report/certificate upon completion of the training/internship.
  • Successful students can be enrolled into candidates pool or (in respect to laboratories) to act as a contributing author of the research article based on performance and to continue cooperation with the laboratory.

The "Albion" Сompany is entered in the Unified Federal Register of tour operators of Russia, and in accordance with the Legislation of the Russian Federation possesses the necessary financial security (Civil Liability Insurance Contract).

Albion is the only specialized company in the segment of educational tourism, whose activities are insured by a financial guarantee of 50 million rubles (~ 800000 USD), by participation in the industry Reserve Fund and in the Association "Tour Help".

To communicate with us is very convenient. This is an important factor, because you have to keep in touch with the "Albion" more than one month. Our office is located in the heart of Moscow - in a modern Business Center on Malaya Dmitrovka street.



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